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By David Kane

The Ormus materials are generally considered to be a new state of matter, solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and Ormus. As of the writing there have been fifty two of these materials isolated. These materials are critical in the construction and functioning of all living things.
Five percent of the dry weight of the human brain and nervous system are composed of these materials. (Probably five percent of everything else as well).

I have yet to meet any scientist or doctorate in any protocol that has even heard of the Ormus materials.
There are no studies at or above the university level being done on these materials any where in the world. It seems the controlling powers are not interested in this material if they do know about it because it will disrupt the entire status quo on the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries.
Ormus materials
The Ormus materials are both new and old at the same time. The recent rediscovery of the materials by David Hudson in 1975 has spearheaded the new interest. There is considerable evidence that many previous societies worked with these materials in various capacities. They called the materials by different names at different times but the properties are comparable and undeniable.
Ormus is the generally regarded name today for the ‘monatomic’ or ‘high spin’ materials that constitute this group of materials within the new state of matter.
These materials represent an epiphany in nutrition and health.
Without understanding the Ormus materials and their relationship to life all current medical diagnosis and medicinal formulations are being perused with half a shop manual.
Without understanding the Ormus materials and their relationship to life all food products are incorrectly designed and formulated as are many supplementary materials.
Without understanding the Ormus materials and their relationship to life all our knowledge of plants and agriculture and food quality is severely distressed and many of our long time assumptions incorrect.
This is why we are dying like flies from some 40,000 chronic diseases, cancers etc.
Lack of knowledge is excusable.
Lack of attainment of knowledge is irresponsible.
Lack of personal responsibility fatal to our species and many others.
North American cancer deaths are 650,000 per year and netting 1.3 billion dollars per day. It is time to become aware. Only then can you do something about it.
Ormus materials are absolutely critical to all living things. Ormus materials do not chemically bond with other materials but are necessary as chemical facilitators and assume a role of governance and orchestration within our bodies as well as being essential nutrients. Nutrients currently not regarded to even exist at all. "You can look at "The Idea Here."